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Why Stony Plain

Stony Plain is a great location for both families and businesses in the Capital Region. It shares the continual growth of the Capital Region, attracting and retaining generations of families and businesses. The community is quiet and safe, while just a quick commute to Edmonton and other communities in the Parkland County.

Whether you already call Stony Plain home, or are moving from within the Region, we encourage you to visit the area and explore putting down your roots.

For more information visit the Town of Stony Plain website

Project Partners

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Why Jaffer

Jaffer Developments Inc. is a part of The Jaffer Group of Companies which is a diversified set of investments spanning a multitude of different sectors and opportunities, including real estate acquisition and development, project management, investment financing, staffing and hospitality.

Our passion is performance and we aim to facilitate our individual clients with the collective experience and services gained from over 20 years of successful business operation on the international stage. With Jaffer Developments, you get personalized attention and a quality built home to last your lifetime. We work with you to ensure that you have a great home building experience.

Willows End builds on the success of our past projects in Stony Plain; semi-detached homes and high end adult condominiums. Stony Village, the first semi-detached homes development we undertook, was completed and sold out quickly in 2008. Another successful project is the Barth & Gosset Manor Condominium downtown on Main Street, which still have units available. Willows End homes will have a modern feel and will compliment the community of prestigious Willow Park.

For more information on Jaffer Developments, visit jafferinc.com